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The best buy for your money: DHA Quetta affidavit files

DHA Quetta affidavit files have been out in the market for a while now. These files are currently available with the DHA MoU holders authorized to sell them. The project looks all good for launch soon. Here are the details.

Tentative launch

Our sources claim that “the project will be launched sooner than many experts” and many expect it to be launched sometime during the next year; in the second half maybe. Quite surprisingly and despite the fact that affidavit files for the society are changing hands, there hasn’t been any marketing carried out for the society. Each time we came across related information, it was in form of ads issued by the authority; once for inviting logo design and then for starting land acquisition process, while the latest ad invited applications for dealers’ registration.

You may or may not find the available information sufficient, the fact remains that DHA Quetta files are out and about. At Estate 4U Blog, we plan to share all the latest from the project that is yet to bring you face to face with the investment horizon that’s yet to be explored.

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Affidavit files

The land acquisition process for the project is underway. We haven’t been able to get exact figures on how much of it has been acquired and how much more to go before the authority decides to launch its phase I but we do know that the number is enough for the dealers to make an entry in the market.

To help it clear for the readers who don’t know what affidavit files are; these files are issued against each acre of land acquired for the project. The understanding of a number of files issued against each acre is mutual between the landowners and land buyers.

The market rate of a 1-Kanal DHA Quetta affidavit file (quoted by landowners) is set at PKR 30,00,000/-. Anyone offering to sell it at a rather slashed rate is only trying to trick you. While many investors eyeing the bigger piece of the pie are on a lookout for cheaper bargains, we have almost no record of a seller settling for ridiculously low rates. The true worth of DHA Quetta files is known widely among investors.

Market trends

Real estate investors in Quetta have a high buying power; this is also evident from the value of land here. In the absence of a proper housing scheme, more appropriately a high profile brand name, the buyers here had instead been channeling their investments to real estate developments in other cities including Karachi. Now, with a top-notch option available in their hometown, locals have started to consider the DHA Quetta investment option on its own high merits.

Buyers from other cities are also seen interested in these files and to expand the development scope further, the process of agents’ registration from all over Pakistan is still underway. Many prime real estate agencies from Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi are already on board with DHA Quetta while more are looking to do the same. Our sources have confirmed that a large number of applications submitted by agents from across the country are currently being processed by the authority.

With lukewarm demand reported from these major metropolitans and more serious buyers queued to buy a property soon, the activity is poised to grow further in the months to come. And it is not surprising to note that it is among the few DHA project that has generated considerably high demand among local investors.

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A broader investment perspective

The society is unique in many aspects; it is the first DHA project in Balochistan and is by far the closest and dependable project to the Western Route being developed under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The authority also realizes the strategic importance of the society’s location and is prepared to deal with the challenges.

DHA Quetta will have purpose-built commercial and business zones to facilitate the companies and entities engaged in trade via Chaman and Taftan Boarders. The entire province is to transform in terms of facilitating CPEC-related activities, DHA Quetta is among the few housing projects that will be considered for meeting a host of business and residential needs.

So, in the longer run, the society is destined to play a multifaceted role in shaping how Balochistan will be taken at the international trade horizon. Not to mention that the project plans are being made accordingly for it to become a sustainable development.

As and when we have more updates available on DHA Quetta, we will share it with you on Estate 4U Blog, so stay tuned. And if you have any feedback on the article or any query for us, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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