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CDA to improve garbage-collection system

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) plans to improve its garbage collection and sorting system in a bid to deal with 600 tonnes of solid waste produced in the city on a daily basis, a news source reported.

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As per officials, the civic body would also provide funds for resolving water scarcity issues in Islamabad. For this purpose, the authorities concerned would use the funds to fix tube wells and replace faulty supply lines in different areas of the city. These specifically include Margalla Town and sectors I-8 and I-10.

A meeting was held during which the participants discussed both issues. A member of the meeting revealed that they discussed if the Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) could conduct the garbage collection on its own or outsource the task to another party. He added that the tube well repair effort would increase the water supply levels, and damaged pipe replacement would prevent pollutants from entering potable water.

Member National Assembly (MNA) Ali Awan also attended the meeting. He said that the process of garbage collection and sorting should be transparent.

One CDA official revealed that the residents placed garbage in plastic bags outside their homes; which were later collected by the sanitation department. He added that the animals tore through these bags, which led to the spreading of the garbage. He stated that the children who collected paper from the garbage tend to dispose of the garbage in the streets.

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The CDA officials also stated that the pubic disposed of their garbage in nullahs; this practice could block the whole sewerage system and create problems for both the citizens and the government.

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