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Climate ministry reports 90% drop in single-use plastic bags

Islamabad: The Ministry of Climate Change has reported a 90% decline in the use of plastic bags in the capital city, a news source reported. As per officials, plastic bags continue to be used in the fruits and vegetable markets situated in Sector I-11.

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Previously, the ministry had announced its decision to ban production, sale, and use of plastic bags in Islamabad from August 14 onwards. To facilitate this measure, both the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment Protection Agency had collaborated on this front.

According to sources, the campaign had faced resistance from certain elements but the ban was eventually implemented. The ministry also encouraged the local business community to help implement the ban in Islamabad.

Moreover, it recently announced to launch an operation in the fruits and vegetable market against the reported usage of plastic bags. The drive will be extended to the rural areas of Islamabad where shopping bags are being used despite the ban.

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As per the officials, both the EPA and the Ministry of Climate Change have reiterated their commitment to implementing the said ban.

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