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DHA Phase-XI (Rahbar) Sector IV Ballot on 28th June 2019

DHA phase-XI (Rahbar) Sector IV Ballot on 28th June 2019

DHA Rahbar Ballot

(Web News); DHA Lahore announced the Balloting of DHA Rahbar is 28 June 2019. This is a very strong market rumor which means that there is truth to the matter. Investing in DHA Rahbar will give us increment in four different stages. Other than the natural growth element in all sectors these four stages are those which would give us more than normal returns and in some certain stages high abnormal returns.

There are two mauzas in which land has been acquired to develop the Phase 2 extension area. One is Sadoki and the other is Halloki. Sadoki files are expensive compared to Halloki because of the location of these aforementioned mauzas. In any case whichever file you buy the ROI is the same. We will discuss the residential and commercial file investments in our article.

DHA Rahbar 5 marla residential file

In DHA Rahbar a 5 marla plot today would cost you 45-50 lacs in Phase 2. As this is Phase 2 extension we can expect a plot of 43-8 lacs once balloted. A file costs you 31.5 lacs and expenses on top are roughly 1 lacs which means a total of 32.5 lacs for an affidavit file therefore, we can expect a gain of anywhere between 1.5 lacs to 6.5 lacs on a plot.

Incorporated in the price are development charges of 9 lacs which will be implemented after ballot and payable in 12 easy quarterly installments. The gain is net gain from each file you hold. These returns will be expected in a very short span as the ballot is just around the corner for DHA Rahbar.

DHA phase-XI (Rahbar) Sector IV Ballot on 28th June 2019

DHA phase-XI (Rahbar) Sector IV Ballot on 28th June 2019

DHA Rahbar 4 marla commercial file

This is where the big bucks are to be made. The file stands at 215 lacs for an allocation and 217 for an affidavit file. It is highly recommended to buy a commercial file. The prevailing price in already existing commercial is of 400 lacs. This means that once balloted we are looking at 270-300 lacs immediately. The total cost of an allocation would be roughly 218 lacs and we can expect 32-62 lacs net gains as 1963000 are development charges payable in 12 equal quarterly installments once balloted. The gains vary depending upon the location of the commercial plot after ballot. Another hint is that they’ll be making one commercial area on the main Defence Road which would in turn mean that these might cross Phase 1 commercials in times to come and can go as high as 500 lacs down the line. Whatever the mauza this file is a sure shot buy for immediate profits.

DHA Rahbar 10 marla residential file

The residential file of 10 marla for DHA Rahbar stands at 63 lacs, 14 lacs are development charges payable in 12 equal quarterly installments and 1.5 lacs transfer expenses which means a plot would cost you 78.5 lacs altogether after ballot and the salability of the plot would be between 85-95 lacs 6.5 lacs to 16.5 lacs on each plot. From a trading standpoint it might take longer than both the previous commodities discussed. By longer it is meant if we are able to sell a plot of 5 marla residential within a week and commercial within two weeks it might take roughly 4 weeks on average. However, the it is worth it as it would give us higher returns on investment compared to a 5 marla.

The Four stages of Rahbar gains

Stage 1

Stage one as mentioned above is the ballot which is expected very soon. And the gains mentioned above are of ballot only.

Stage 2

Ring Road opening was expected on 14th August which has been delayed but it is bound to happen soon which would give a rise to the prices overall in DHA Rahbar. A further increment of 5-15% can be expected due to this development.

Stage 3

Once balloted and after Ring Road opening another jump we see in plots after ballot is when the first trade takes place. This means that everyone who wants to enjoy the ballot jump will be taking exit and end users will be jumping in. This in turn would increase the prices by a further 15-20% in one year’s time.

Stage 4

The fourth stage is of possession. When DHA will announce possession after 3 odd years another steep increment in prices will be witnessed by people still latching on to their investments. This would yet again see an increment of immediately 10% from those price which would prevail at the time.

Difference between affidavit and allocation

An affidavit file is a piece of stamp paper given to the land owner/investor against a piece of land which is acquired by DHA for its development. When you buy an affidavit file it is expensive as you don’t have to pay any Stamp Duty.

The investor or his representative fills the stamp paper and submits it in DHA on the purchaser’s name. DHA then issues an intimation letter pertaining to the purchaser’s name. After 15 working days it would be converted into an allocation. An allocation file is a purchaser’s file which has been converted from an affidavit into an allocation or from an allocation of previous seller to the new seller’s name.


Whichever file you opt for it is a very good investment. The highest returns are on the 4 marla commercial file after ballot. It is highly recommended if your budget allows buy a commercial file if not then whatever would suit your budget.

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