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Government of Punjab will announce its five-year plan tomorrow

Minister stresses the need for development all around Punjab

Lahore (Web News): The Provincial Minister of Punjab for Finance Makhdoom Hashmi Jawan Bakht has said that the Government of Punjab will announce its five-year plan tomorrow – a news source reported. An event will be held to commemorate the occasion.

He said that solid measures have been planned to tackle the economic crisis and regional inequality. He said this while briefing the media on Thursday.

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The minister further said that in ‘Growth Strategy 2023’, special steps will be introduced against regional inequality under which projects will be introduced to provide facilities and boost economic activity around the province. A mechanism will also be devised for the effective provision of funds to these projects.

The minister had also announced recently that the Punjab government is planning to introduce legislation for full utilization of development funds in south Punjab.

He had said that since 35 percent of the province’s development funds are being allocated to South Punjab in the upcoming budget, their complete utilization would be ensured through legislation.

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