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The Punjab government is going to introduce its growth strategy today

Lahore: The Punjab government is going to introduce its growth strategy today, a news source reported. According to sources, the said strategy specifically focuses on the equal distribution of resources and wealth across the region.

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The Punjab Growth Strategy will primarily focus on the southern districts of the region. The provincial government will cut the variance in development expenses across these locations by at least 5% on an annual basis. It will also work towards minimizing multi-dimensional poverty in the underprivileged districts to 10%. The provincial government aims to improve the parity in health, water supply, and education by at least 50% during the next five years. It has revealed that the departments are committed to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Under the revised strategy, the government will establish a delivery fund. This fund will identify and implement innovative and problem-specific projects in order to alleviate deprivation in the districts. It will also introduce the Southern Punjab Administrative Setup.

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The Punjab government has also decided to ban any kind of re-appropriation of the funds assigned for Southern Punjab.

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